SANDHYA CINEPOST aims to help Studios, Film producers and TV/Video producers realize their creative vision in present digital age. We provide Digital Cinema, Digital Intermediate (2k/4k) Grading and Finishing, Video Editing, Dubbing and Post-Production services to the independent, Motion Picture, Commercials and Television content creation and delivery of high-quality media content.

As this is an intense subjective field, a good colorist is usually born.. not made. A director will get what he wants as we have a handful of the colorist who works on the majority of feature films.

— Says our chairman Dr. S. Kunam.

We offer the following services to your project:

  • RED Camera Rental( Red Epic 5k, Red Scarlet Eos & Red Scarlet 4k)
  • Video Editing – Final cut pro
  • Conforming
  • Digital Intermediate (Color correction)
  • Voice Over (Audi Dubbing)
  • 5.1 mix Wave file(Stereo & DTS)
  • Digital Opticals
  • Rolling Titles
  • Banner Titles
  • Banner Logo
  • Subtitles
  • Digital Cinema formats for the theatrical release
  • DVD, Blue Ray – Mastering