SANDHYA is specialized in High-Definition video editing for Feature films, Tv shows, Documentary short films, Corporate and Event videos. Our high-end in-house workstation edits 1080p/720HD/XDCAM/HDV and DV videos in nature format. We capture completely in 1:1 uncompensated to avoid quality loss due to format conversion.


SANDHYA specializes in

  • Digital Compositing
  • Rotoscoping
  • Blue/Green Matte Keying
  • Wire Removal video to film look, etc.

Feel free to contact us if any specific compositing requirement, if not listed.

DIGITAL INTERMEDIATE (Color Grading & Conformation)


“Navarang” the color grading theater of SANDHYA, to meet the needs of the growing digital cinema and first DaVinci installation in Hyderabad.

Our award winning colorist from partnerships with the Director and DOP to ensure & enhance the creative vision. Whether it’s a Feature Film Television, Commercial or Documentary, we handle a variety of workflows 2K, 4K, RED(RED), 3D digital cinema package – to creative technical and budgetary demands.

  • Real time by design
  • Scale as you Need
  • Optical quality processing
  • Nodes for unlimited creativity
  • Mind blowing creative Options
  • World’s greatest 3D TRACKER
  • HD, 2K, 4K OUTPUT
  • Grade Raw files in Real-time
  • Get your job done as per your schedule
  • Gallery stills for grade library
  • Experienced colorists
  • Delivering output or QUBE, PXD, and UFO
  • Wide cameras support


  • Audio Rights
  • Digital Content Rights
  • 5.1 Mixing
  • Stereo Mixing
  • Sound Synching
  • Voice Recording